The Dol Amroth City Watch – A brief overview

Beginning with Update 14 and the release of Western Gondor, the Dol Amroth City Watch is the latest in end-game repeatable content. By now most of you have experienced these quests so this primer is for those of you who have just reached this summit or for you experienced players who just want a better understanding of how things work. Here I give a general over-arching overview first and later go into detail in the faction quests in subsequent posts and link them back here.


So the city of Dol Amroth needs help. (I guess it wouldn’t be a very exciting game if someone didn’t require assistance.) They’re besieged on a daily basis by corsairs landing upon their shores, stealing their resources, ravaging their women – you know the drill. The city watch, on behalf of the eight factions of Dol Amroth, recruits you, of course, to help them fend off these swarthy sailors.

In terms of things to do, this chunk of content is split into two main parts: the training exercise instance and the semi-daily landscape quests. The training exercise is a daily repeatable instance (Mithril coin resettable) where you choose to help one of the eight factions to take back their part of the city from a corsair invasion that happened while you were out training with the elites of the city watch. Did I mention this happens daily? Why don’t they wise up and build better defenses?

The landscape quests are quests that take place out on the landscape, naturally. Some require you to kill a certain number of creatures, pick up some items, do some fishing, or complete some challenge. You know, the usual. They take place on islands, in instances, in the Paths of the Dead, in caves and camps of elite and elite master-difficulty mobs.

And if you are wondering how to begin, you have to get to level 100 first and then you’ll automatically get the starting quest. Follow that quest line and you’ll be up to speed in no time. And since the level cap will stay at 100, this content will presumably still be relevant during Update 15.

Be sure to read the article on and this thread on the official LOTRO forum for more information.

The factions


There are eight factions each representing a different part of the city: the Armoury, Bank, Docks, Great Hall, Library, Mason, Swan-knights, and Warehouse. Each of them have both landscape quests to do and a part in the training exercise instance. In order to do the quests for a specific faction in the training exercise, you need to get 10,000 reputation points with that faction, which are earned by consuming faction-specific tokens.

By completing a quest for a faction you receive a box which will contain either tokens for that faction, silver tokens of Dol Amroth, or, less likely, tokens from another faction. The Mason and Swan-knight tokens will only ever come from boxes obtained from those factions. All of these tokens, thankfully, are not bound on acquire and can therefore be traded freely or sold on the auction house.

The Mason and Swan-knight factions are somewhat special in that a server must first unlock them by turning in silver tokens of Dol Amroth in order to access any of their quests. Only then can you start earning reputation with them and start completing their deeds. It takes 8,000 turn-ins or 80,000 silver tokens accumulated from the entire server to unlock the Mason faction and 12,000 turn-ins for the Swan-knight faction. It seems that Turbine also built in an automatic turn-in system that increments the turn-in total even if no one turns any tokens in just to ensure all of the servers will eventually unlock both factions.

Faction guides

The training exercise


DA-exerciseThe training exercise is available from Beriaudur in the main courtyard of Dol Amroth. He’s standing by a medium-sized fountain filled with swans (not that huge fountain by all the barterers). Once you accept the quest, the instance starts in the middle of a rainy night outside Dol Amroth where you’re informed that corsairs have taken the city. There’s a large group of warriors already fighting the invaders and they ask you to help retake one of the sections of the city.

You can only help a faction once you have earned full reputation with them and at the beginning, you will normally only fulfill the prerequisite for the Library faction. Talk to the representative of that faction, then again with Beriaudur and then the main quest completes. Shortly after, you receive three quests: one to kill the boss in that section of the city usually with a requirement to kill a number of bands of corsairs and two random objectives. Side note: not all corsairs in the instance count as “bands of corsairs” for the quest; as a rule of thumb, it’s the stationary groups that count and the patrolling groups that do not.

Each faction has a different part of the city to take back, so when you choose one faction, you can only access that area of the city. But don’t worry, you can choose a different faction the next time you do the instance to experience fighting corsairs in a different way.

For each quest you complete, you receive a gold token and a faction-specific box with tokens inside. And when you’re finished, you have to manually exit the instance by right-clicking on your character portrait and selecting Exit Instance. Also as a word of caution, if you leave the instance after the main wrapper quest (“Dol Amroth – Training Exercise”) completes and before you complete your faction quests, you’ll have to wait for the quest to reset before you can try again.

Semi-daily repeatable quests


TF-shrine2Each of the factions, excluding the Mason and the Swan-knights, have four quests to complete, and you can do a total of six quests per day. The Mason and the Swan-knights have eight quests for you. These quests reset twice a week: between Sunday and Monday and between Wednesday and Thursday. After the reset, all the quests become available again. And, like the training exercise, each quest rewards you with a box from that specific faction.



The tokens you gain from completing quests (or bought from the auction house) can be traded for armor sets, second-age legendary item crafting ingredients, LI utility scrolls, slotted essence armor, essence crafting recipes, and cosmetic pets. All of these items are available from NPCs standing in the center of Dol Amroth.

You need to complete deeds to barter for some of these items, namely class armor sets. These deeds keep track of which quests you’ve completed for each individual faction and with which factions you’ve attained acquaintance reputation. It can be a real pain to get that specific quest you’re looking for in the training exercise when the quests are dealt out at random.

At the end, you don’t get any titles or anything else as far as I know. I guess the journey is the reward, not the destination.


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