Undocumented changes – Update 14.2

If you read the release notes, you might get the feeling that something is missing. That’s because, more than likely, there is. With every update, there’s inevitably some stealth changes that may not necessarily affect every player, but nonetheless are important to note. For one reason or another, these items were left off the list. Perhaps the developers didn’t want to draw attention to a nerf or it’s something so trivial they didn’t think it was worth mentioning. Whatever the case, no change is too small to pass by unnoticed.

Using this thread and this thread on the forum and my own observations, I came up with a list of changes that didn’t make it onto the official 14.2 release notes. If you find anything else, feel free to add it as a comment below.

  • Tier 9 crafting icons updated
  • Travel icons updated (Helm’s Deep, Aldburg)
  • Mailbox added at the entrance of the Auction House in Dol Amroth (this is important)
  • The vandals from the library quest to save the fountains (Dol Amroth City Watch) have had their health nerfed to 22k from 38.5k
  • Essence reclamation scrolls are available from the Farmers Faire barterer for 300 festival tokens, the Dol Amroth reputation vendor for 150 Silver Tokens of Dol Amroth, and the Skirmish Camp Curiosities vendor for 3500 marks, 350 medallions and 1 seal.
  • Bug: The map of the Eaves of Fangorn shows the East Wall instead
  • Bounder’s Bounty tokens removed from festival and Bilbo’s Birthday quests (as if you expected them to remain)
  • The Entwood map and the flooded Isengard maps got a small makeover
  • The Night Swan cosmetic pet is available in the LOTRO Store.

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