Turbine’s Update 14.2 preview stream and LOTRO store special deals

So Update 14.2 has a release date. It’s Monday, September 15, for those of you too lazy to monitor the official forum. Frelorn hosted a preview stream with several of the developers and producers of Turbine to show off some of the new features and content that we should expect to see. Also of note, are the massive LOTRO store sales on instances, expansions and quest packs this weekend as well as over the next week.

Update 14.2 preview stream

On Thursday, Frelorn was joined by HoarseDev, MadeOfLions, HoarseDev and Ransroth for a preview of Monday’s new update. You can read a thorough transcript of the stream here by devoted transcriber frickinmuck and watch the stream itself so long it lasts on Twitch.tv. There you can listen to them explain how they designed the Collections system and how they want to expand it in the future and go into more detail on why the Dead Marshes is it’s own area. The short answer: they want players to experience the area in more than just a single session play.

Something interesting that I picked up on is that the ever-present gloom, or the fumes emanating from Mordor to discourage Sauron’s enemies will not only be visible in the Dead Marshes but will also make an appearance in Gondor. No blue skies forever. They also said that this mini-area will be free to all players. Huzzah!

It’s also worth to mention that the update will bring much-needed performance improvements to the log-in process by pre-loading game logic files. I was even able to log in to my high-level character without timing out on the Bullroarer preview server though it still took some time. Even still, it’s a step in the right direction.

LOTRO store special deals

This week in the LOTRO store instances and skirmishes are heavily discounted. Even better, expansions are 50% off. So if you don’t already have the Mines of Moria, Siege of Mirkwood, Rise of Isengard, Riders of Rohan or Helm’s Deep, now is a great time to purchase and receive the instances connected with them. And for just three days, three quest packs are on sale, Angmar being the only one that comes with instances. After its revamp, the Trollshaws is also now a competitor to Evendim for leveling from 30-40. While I’ve yet to run a character through, I’d still say it’s a good idea to pick up this region at 75% off.

Weekly store sale – September 12-18

  • 50% off – Expansions & Expansion Quests
  • 20% off – Skirmishes & Instances
  • 20% off – Enhanced XP Supply
  • 20% off – Token of the Hornburg
  • 20% off – Mark Acquisition Boosts

Fall deals – Sept. 12th – 14th ONLY

  • 75% off Quest Pack: Trollshaws
  • 50% off Quest Pack: Angmar
  • 25% off Quest Pack: West Gondor

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