LOTRO Strategery is now the Department of Strategery

LOTRO Strategery is now the Department of Strategery! That means… well, it mostly means that the name has changed. But never fear! We still intend to bring you in-depth tutorials and detailed guides for the Lord of the Rings Online as well as tactical discussions, update previews and, of course, lots of screenshots and GIFs.

Our last post was in February of 2013, and at that time, the game was on Update 9. The level cap was 85. There were only three instances in the Road to Erebor cluster. The Dol Guldur cluster had just been scaled. The revamp of Moria guided brave adventurers out of the darkness. Open tapping and remote looting became the norm.

We’re now on Update 14. Since then, the level cap was raised to 100. We’ve had the second half of the Road to Erebor cluster. Big/Epic Battles were released with Helm’s Deep. The In Their Absence cluster got scaled. We now have the regions of the Wildermore, West Rohan, the Entwood and Western Gondor and soon, the Dead Marshes. Oh, and of course, we had the ominous class trait revamp. So we’ve got a lot of content to catch up on.

But this time around we want this site to be more community-driven, and we’re looking for your ideas on how we can improve in this respect. Feel free to use the Contact page linked on the menu above to give us your ideas, opinions, and suggestions, ask a question or just to tell us how you’re feeling. Once things get up and running again, we hope to stream from the game and maybe even start a weekly podcast. Who knows? It all depends on what you want. Send us your ideas!


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