Instance guide: Webs of the Scuttledells

Webs of the Scuttledells is a three-person instance, part of the Road to Erebor instance cluster available either as a standalone purchase or included with the Riders of Rohan expansion. The instance can be run at two different tiers and from level 20 up to the level cap. Loot consists of bounties and relics as well as equipment drops starting at level 50 and scaling to the level of the instance. The challenge quest is available only to characters at the level cap, on tier II, at any instance level.

This instance takes place deep inside Southern Mirkwood in the Scuttledells region. There are two main bosses, the draug Beremud and the Great Spider Dígelir. In addition to quelling the spider infestation, the Elven king Thranduil sent scouts to investigate the situation, but has not received word from them.

Webs of the Scuttledells map

Optional quest – Spiders and Flies

At the entrance, you’ll see a wounded scout of Thranduil who will ask you to rescue his comrades stuck in spider cocoons. There are thirteen scouts in all, but you may find more than just scouts in the cocoons. Watch out for poisoned barghests, crebain, Orcs, Trolls and spider hatchlings. These mobs are more of a nuisance than anything else.

Throughout the instance there are 26 cocoons in random locations with random occupants inside, however, there will always be seven scouts before the first boss and six scouts after the first boss. So if you find seven scouts before facing Beremud, you can stop opening cocoons until you defeat him and reach part two. The cocoon blocking the path after Beremud always contains Mirkwood Hatchlings. Unfortunately, the scouts you free run back home and do not aid you in battle.

Part one

In addition to opening cocoons, part one consists of three main pulls of barghests and crebain leading up to an area with undead roaming about. Try not to pull a group of mobs while you’re fighting an enemy you found in a cocoon. You must defeat all of these mobs before you can progress to the first boss.

Be careful as you reach the Baleful Sentries as they hit hard with Shadow damage and neutralize your in-combat Morale and Power regen. As you approach the burial grounds, you should see three glowing cauldrons each guarded by a wight and a large tomb where the first boss, Beremud, will spawn. As soon as you defeat these three wights and extinguish the cauldrons, Beremud appears.

Part one – mobs

Black-dog Pack-hunters – can apply a stacking minor Wound DoT, nothing too damaging to worry about
Black-dog Pack-leaders – can knock down and daze a target
Baleful Sentry – has an aura which sets in-combat Morale and Power regen to zero
Bloated Woodman

  • Summons three swarm-type Mirkwood Creepers, interruptable
  • Can cast Hallucinations which slightly blurs your screen (has the same effect as being drunk)
  • Casts Bloated Terror upon defeat leaving a Fear effect which reduces outgoing damage and increases incoming damage

Deathly Archer – often moves out of melee range to cast an interruptable skill

  • Arrow of Corruption (Corrosive Acid – reduces armour value by 25%)
  • Arrow of Pestilence (Weakened State – Disease effect, causes -25% outgoing damage and -25% maximum Morale while in effect)
  • Arrow of Shadow (Depression of the Spirit – Fear effect, reduces in-combat Morale and Power regen by 25% and -10% maximum Power while in effect)
  • Envenomed Arrow (minor Poison DoT)
  • Burning Arrow (Fire damage)

Skeletal Warrior – can knock back, has an aura which reduces incoming damage and increases outgoing damage of allied mobs (including Beremud)

Boss one – Beremud

Vitals - Beremud

Beremud is a ranged boss, however, you should always engage him from melee range to avoid his more powerful attacks. If you need to drag him to a different location, you can either run behind an object and hope he chases you or drag him slowly. Back away just out of melee range and he should follow you. If he runs away, you backed away too far.

From the start, watch out for two special attacks that he’ll use throughout the fight: Dark Nightmares (high Shadow damage) and Storm of Shadows (knock back). In addition, he starts out with Shield of the Dead, a buff reducing incoming ranged and tactical damage but increasing damage from melee. Another reason to stay close to him.

As the fight wages on, specifically when he passes 67% and 33% of his maximum Morale, he’ll gain two more buffs: Strength of the Draugar, a buff to his outgoing damage, and then Bloated Strength, a further buff to his outgoing damage while reducing incoming damage. He’ll also start dropping a purple cloud on the ground after 67% of his Morale which causes minor Shadow damage over time.

The boss can also cast Rise of the Dead, a green HoT hotspot which heals him as well as nearby mobs. Quickly move him out of the cloud using the one of the techniques described above.

When Beremud reaches 75% of his maximum Morale, he’ll summon forth a Twilight Shard to relight one of the cauldrons you extinguished earlier and summon wights. Here, the fight differs greatly between tier I and II. On tier I, you’ll have to deal with the Twilight Shard and two summoned wights, a Deathly Archer and a Skeletal Warrior. on tier II, you’ll have the Twilight Shard and three summoned wights, the two listed previously as well as a Bloated Woodman. On tier II, the Twilight Shards also have an aura that buffs either Tactical Mitigation, Attack Duration or Outgoing Damage. In other words, kill these fast. If that’s not enough, the wights will respawn after a few minutes and if you can’t keep up, you’ll get overwhelmed in a jiffy.

The first wave starts at 75% of Beremud’s Morale, the second at 50% and the third at 25%. After he summons the third wave, DPS him down and the wights stop respawning. Try not to activate a new wave of wights if you’re dealing with loads of wights. On tier II, this fight is probably the most difficult encounter you’ll face in the three 3-person instances of the Road to Erebor cluster.

Part two

Loot the small chest on Beremud’s crypt and destroy the cocoon containing five Mirkwood Hatchlings blocking your path. The next section contains another three pulls of 5-6 spiders each. Watch out for the ambushers hiding in stealth in the second and third pull. If you’re doing the optional quest, you should finish up before reaching the final boss.

Part two – mobs

Mirkwood Hunter – just normal, old spiders
Mirkwood Trapper – ranged, can root, can reduce armour value on tier II
Mirkwood Ambusher – attack from stealth, can daze a target

Boss two – Dígelir

Digelir's Lair

In terms of mob count, this fight has got to be right up there at the top. Area-of-effect skills are your friend here. Dígelir has built a lair for herself, guarded by her spawn which emerge from the various cocoons and webs adorning the room. Firstly, notice the ground. The intricate pattern on the ground is her web and if you fall off of it, you’ll be incapacitated. If you cannot clearly see the ground, try turning your graphics down. Luckily, as you retreat, there is a cave near the entrance of the instance that will take you straight back to Dígelir’s lair.

The diagram above shows generally how the webs are set up. While you’re free to navigate the left side of the webs, the right side of the webs are obstructed somewhat by rocks. The diagram also shows the location of the cocoons (green) and the webs (cyan) which spawn the many, many adds in this fight. The cocoons spawn five Mirkwood Hatchlings each every few minutes and the webs spawn Mirkwood Hunters and Trappers. The webs won’t become active until after moderately damaging Dígelir. The boss will also summon groups of cave bats throughout the fight.

To complete the challenge and to help you through the fight, another wounded scout instructs you to burn the cocoons and webs before killing the boss using a torch nearby. This should greatly ease the fight in the later stages. You can pick up the torch as many times as you need to, but when holding it, you cannot attack. This is where teamwork really comes into play. The tank should hold all the mobs while the healer keeps the tank alive using what AoE skills available to clear some adds and the third teammate runs around and burns the cocoons and webs. The Mirkwood Hatchlings can be a bit of a nuisance to torch bearers as they give nearby players -25% run speed.

Besides being able to root players and a minor knock back, another annoyance to torch bearers, the only other skill Dígelir has is one called Sickening Bite. This places two incurable debuffs on a character, Debilitating Venom and Dispel. Debilitating Venom is a 30-second debuff which sets your Morale and Power to 75% of their normal values. The second effect, Dispel, lasts for ten and at the end of that, subtracts half of your maximum Morale from you and does the same to any of your allies within 10 meters.

On tier II, this is also a DPS race as Dígelir has a buff called Enrage which counts down from five minutes. If your fellowship has not killed the boss before that time, it’s a wipe and you have to start all over. Be careful here because if you tank the boss near the wounded Elf at the entrance, not on the webs, the timer can expire and not wipe your group, but you’ll die when you run out to claim your prize. That means no shiny prizes for all your hard work!

Differences on Tier II

  • Beremud uses Fear of the Dead, a player debuff, giving -50% Outgoing Damage and +50% Incoming Damage.
  • Waves of wights during the fight with Beremud include Bloated Woodmen in addition to Deathly Archers and Skeletal Warriors.
  • Waves of wights minus Twilight Shards respawn after a few minutes during the fight with Beremud.
  • Each of the three Twilight Shards summoned by Beremud has a unique aura.
    • First wave: Endurance of the Shadow – +25% Tactical Mitigation to allied mobs
    • Second wave: Speed of the Shadow – -20% Attack Duration to allied mobs
    • Third wave: Strength of the Shadow – +20% Outgoing Damage to allied mobs
  • Mirkwood Trappers can use Corrosion giving -25% Armour value
  • Dígelir has a buff called Enrage, a 5-minute timer which if you don’t kill her before it expires, your fellowship automatically wipes.


See this post or this spreadsheet for level 85 values of equipment loot. Equipment loot can drop starting at level 50 and scales accordingly and only drops from the final chest and challenge chest. Rare (purple), incomparable (teal) and epic (gold) loot can drop from the final chest and epic loot can drop from the challenge chest. Loot has a higher chance of dropping on tier II.

As far as skirmish currency, at level 85, tier I, I received:

  • Beremud – 60 Marks, 6 Medallions
  • Optional quest – 6 Medallions
  • Dígelir – 24 Marks
  • Instance complete – 108 Marks, 15 Medallions

Updated and verified: LOTRO Update 9, January 2013.


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