Hytbold daily quest: Resupplying the Line

Eaworth is a playground in disguise; you’ve got the jumping puzzle of the Beacon of Eaworth and the tight-rope walk also know as Resupplying the Line. It’s quite a contrast from the town’s constant state of siege.

Resupplying the Line is another one of those love it or hate it Hytbold daily quests. Cendal asks you to deliver a bucket of supplies from one tower to another, problem is, the ladder’s busted and the only way across is over some thin ropes. To make matters worse, some crebain, agents of the enemy, are circling the area at very fast speeds, enough to knock people off the ropes if ever the twain shall meet.

So you need put your clown college skills to the test and balance with a bucket of supplies across three ropes avoiding the wretched crebain to the weary Rohirrim archer on the last tower. Just don’t ask me why they couldn’t make a rope ladder and solve this whole problem.

This quest is all about timing and hand-eye coordination. If you can master the tight-rope walking, it’s all down to predicting the movements of the crebain. Luckily for you, I spent a good deal of time watching those birds and figured out when to run across the ropes without running into the birds.

The rope that links the first and the second towers has three crebain patrolling it. The first circles the first tower, and the second patrols from left to right and back again. When that second craban heads all the way to the left (south) and then crosses the rope heading right (north), that is your chance to run. Keep running across all three ropes to the last tower without stopping and you should make it unscathed. Once you complete the quest, take a deep breath, swan dive off the tower and curse the Rohirrim of Eaworth and their shoddy maintenance.

Watch the video below for further demonstration of this technique.


4 thoughts on “Hytbold daily quest: Resupplying the Line

  1. This one is annoying. Had no trouble with the crows, but the arrow bucket keeps disappearing even though I don’t fall off. And then I did fall off, into a hole behind one of the gates into town. As a hunter, I ported away, and won’t bother going back soon.


  2. LOL, I didn’t even know the crebain could do that, as I never did run into them the first (and currently, last) time I did the quest. What I did have trouble with was getting onto the rope after getting the bucket of arrows. XD


  3. If when you jump down from the south-west tower, you land on the slant of the tent below, you can avoid breaking your leg.


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