Hytbold daily quest: Dress-up

At this point, you may loath some of the Hytbold daily quests. This may be the one that sends you over the edge. Hopefully with this guide, you can save yourself from the brink of insanity and turn the tedious Dress-up quest in Harwick into a quick and easy task.

Dress-up is a quest available from Garbrand in the southwest section of Harwick near the mead hall in the Wold of East Rohan. As one of the Hytbold dailies, it is not offered every day and switches off with the Rohirrim and Bandits quest and the Hobby-horse quest. If you’re not familiar with the quest already, Garbrand points you to a nearby Dress-up Model and asks you to search various crates around town until you finding clothing that matches what the model is currently wearing. When you find a piece of clothing, head back to the dress-up model and if it is correct, that objective gets marked off. This is a daunting and time-consuming task especially the first time you try it, but luckily, there’s no time limit and you don’t get penalized for being wrong. Even more, you can turn in pieces of clothing one by one – you don’t need to wear the entire outfit at once for it to count.

In all, there are six clothing types: Boots, breastplate, gloves, helm, leggings and shoulders. And there are three different sets of armour: Armour of the Balladeer, Armour of the Regal and Armour of the Winter. The dress-up model will wear any combination of these 18 pieces of clothing, and your job is to identify which pieces he’s wearing and find the identical piece somewhere around town.

Now you could wander about willy-nilly opening random crates you find or you could just take a look at this map.

In addition, use the table below to see what each piece of armour looks like so you can identify them quickly. Note that the Helm of the Balladeer currently does not show up cosmetically, at least not on my male Elf character.

Armour of the Balladeer Armour of the Regal Armour of the Winter

By the way, I know the Armour of the Winter is based off the Champion’s Helegrod armour, but there are bonus points if anyone can tell me where the other two come from the Armour of the Winter is based off the Guardian’s Helegrod armour, the Armour of the Balladeer from the Isengard Minstrel set and the Armour of the Regal from the Annúminas light armour set. (Thanks commenters!)


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