Hytbold daily quest: Dressage

Note: This quest is bugged for many people as the NPC in question refuses to practice and does not emote. If anyone has a workaround, please post it in the comments.

Here’s another handy Hytbold daily quest guide. This one takes place in Cliving in the Norcrofts on some days and has you practicing your dressage with a local Rohirrim who does nothing but sit in a field all day and flail his arms wildly. It’s nothing like actual dressage but a simple system of mimicking emotes while mounted.

The quest goes like this:

  1. Accept the quest.
  2. Mount your warsteed.
  3. Head to the Rohirrim in the field.
  4. Wait for the dressage round to begin.
  5. Watch the Rohirrim emote.
  6. Perform the same emote.
  7. Do this a few times correctly to complete the quest.

You only have a few seconds to perform the emotes before time runs out. There are five emotes he will perform: Charge, cheer, drink, flex, laugh, executed through the chat window by adding a slash (“/”) to the beginning of any of those key words. Watch him perform a couple times so you familiarize yourself with his actions. Either that or look at the GIFs below. To see the entire quest in action, see the video at the bottom.

If you don’t want to type the emote commands in full every time, use this command to place an emote on your quickslot bar:

  • /shortcut ## /charge

Where ## indicates the position on your quickslot to place the shortcut. Your first quickslot bar is numbers 1-12, second is 13-24, and so on.

Dressage - Charge
Dressage – Charge
Dressage - Cheer
Dressage – Cheer
Dressage - Drink
Dressage – Drink
Dressage - Flex
Dressage – Flex
Dressage - Laugh
Dressage – Laugh

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