Hytbold daily quest: The Race

If you’re already on your way with Hytbold daily quests, this may be of some use to you. There’s a quest out of Cliving in the Norcrofts in which the Rohirrim there challenge you to complete their scouting patrol route in record time. It’s a time trial from the entrance of Cliving into the southern parts of the Wold and back to Cliving and counts as one of your five daily Hytbold quests.

You have beacons of light planted in the ground and need to reach them before time runs out. The course runs through rocky and lightly wooded terrain and over a rocky cliffside. It’s easy to get lost out there and overtaken by mobs and lose sight of your beacons.

But fear not, with determination and persistence (why isn’t that a virtue?) and a good, swift steed, this race shouldn’t prove too much of a challenge. But if there’s just some spot you keep getting stuck at or a beacon you’re missing, this video and these images should help out a bit. I can also offer a few tips:

  • Use a light war-steed with points in the yellow traitline to get your dash skill so you can get up to the max speed of 16 meters per second.
  • Try to avoid the mobs you encounter as best you can, but make the gates your first priority.
  • You have to make sharp turns for the second beacon and the last beacon, so plan ahead.


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