A few Riders of Rohan FAQ and some screenshots

Throughout my time in the Riders of Rohan beta I noticed a few questions that seemed to pop up quite often. This is expected, as with any new update players must again find their bearings in all the vast, new territory and content. Just like with Isengard, the developers are utilizing a split approach to cut down on lag and crowding at launch from the land rush. You can choose to follow the epic story or head straight in to Rohan and start aiding the people of the Wold. If you’re level 75, you’ll get a letter in your mailbox for both ways, but if you choose to follow the epic story, it’ll take you back through the beginning of the quests in the Wold to get your warsteed. I also took a bunch of screenshots that I thought could beef up this post and you’ll find those below.

Where does the epic story resume?

Simple answer: where it left off. If you’re level 75, read the message in your mailbox from a certain someone directing you to the start of book 7 of the epic quest line. (Hint: It’s at Caras Galadhon and there’s a new rope ladder at the entrance of the city that will take you directly to your destination.)

How do I get to Rohan?

South of Lothlórien and south of the Great River across a lonely, newly reconstructed bridge at Ost Celebrant lies the plains of the Wold and the beginning of East Rohan, the Eastemnet. The epic story will also give you a free port to a different part of Rohan. Remember that this area is level 75+.

How do I get my war-steed and how do I use it?

Follow the quest line out of Langhold, the first settlement you find in the Wold. Once you pick up your war-steed, you can summon it like any normal mount – through the mounts panel (accessible from the skills panel). There’s also now a mounted combat panel (default key SHIFT+M) for changing the traits and appearance of your war-steed.



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