Riders of Rohan preview: The Beacon of Eaworth [video]

A long time ago, I scrapped a long and ranty post about how LOTRO needs more adventure-like activities instead of just killing orcs and looting their bloody corpses. Well someone must have been going through my recycle bin because I just found a daily quest on the Bullroarer server that fulfills my wildest expectations.

The Beacon of Eaworth is a Hytbold daily quest out of the town of Eaworth in the Entwash Vale. That means it counts toward your daily limit of five quests for rebuilding Hytbold, Turbine’s new end-game mechanic. The Rohirrim of Eaworth want you to inspect the structural integrity of their beacon after it took a catapult hit in a recent siege, and I’m guessing the shabby state of their tower is a direct result of that hit. So instead of taking the stairs, you have to find your way up this multi-storey tower using various platforms and suspect wooden beams until you reach the top.

Now this quest is definitely going to frustrate some (and by some, I mean lots) of players. The good news is that you only have to do it once for it to count for the deed. After that, you can skip it any time you see it. Not me; I’d do it every day if I could. I think I’ve climbed it ten or twelve times just for fun.

But I understand I’m probably in the minority, so I’m offering a few tips that I use to get up there along with a handy-dandy video showing the path of ascension.

  1. Lower your graphics and turn off your UI (default key: F12 or CTRL+U)
  2. Jump sideways (as seen in the video).
  3. Hire a Captain to do it for you then summon you at the top.

And here’s the solution:


5 thoughts on “Riders of Rohan preview: The Beacon of Eaworth [video]

  1. Duly bookmarked, thank you! There was a quest in Rift just like this, but this structure looks much, much higher. Does it kill you? Because I’ve still got a Captain deed…


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