Comparing Riders of Rohan to past pre-orders

Update: The pre-order packages have changed since I published this post. You now get 1000 Turbine Points with the Base and Heroic edition of Riders of Rohan and 2,000 with the Legendary Edition. You’ll also get an additional bonus for ordering before September 5. See for details. Oh, and instances are now included in the pre-order. Yay!

I almost shed a tear when Celestrata confirmed that there would be no instance cluster shipping with Rohan but the water-works came upon realizing that the instance cluster isn’t even included in the pre-order. That and there are no skirmishes on the horizon are certainly depressing news. But alas, Turbine offers us a glimmering hint of hope in their special kind of grinding repeatable quests. Rumors of something to do with building outposts and such.

To keep myself from weeping too much, I’ve been keeping busy with some extracurricular education, part of which includes flexing my creative and analytical muscles. And what better way than to make an infographic? Of course, I couldn’t help take the info from LOTRO. I wanted to graphically show how LOTRO’s pre-order offers have changed through the years but it ended up being way too text-heavy. It’s my first attempt though I don’t think it could past muster as a genuine infographic. There are still some good tidbits in there and I didn’t want it sitting around on a digital shelf feeling unappreciated so I’m sharing this here (after the jump).

Here’s hoping for more news of instances! Grind safely!


7 thoughts on “Comparing Riders of Rohan to past pre-orders

  1. The comparison of the RoI and RoR prices with the prices of the other expansions (Moria and Mirkwood) are not really fair, because back then we were all mandatory VIP’s. In addition to paying for the Moria and Mirkwood expansion, we had to pay a monthly fee of $15 or we didn’t play at all. In the US Moria came with one free month, but not in Europe. So if you played Moria for a year between Nov. 2008 and Dec. 2009 you paid for 13x$15=$195 on top of the purchase price of the Moria expansion! People seem to forget that, and tend to look at the price of the expansion only. Naturally, the subscription model included all instances and updates. Not paying for the monthly subscription, resulted in no access at all. This is still the same today. VIP’s get the updates and instances for “free” as long as they subscribe. F2P follows a more customized model but in the end they pay the same for the same content as VIPs.


  2. By that logic, then VIPs, at least those that pay monthly, should get a big discount of Riders of Rohan. It’s $10-20 more expensive plus you don’t get 1000 TP, so essentially it is $20-30 more expensive. A non-lifetimer VIP is still paying over $8 a month best case to play, oh, and the only major perk, the Moors? Got a massive nerf for starting a new creep, so that’s now almost worthless.


  3. Perhaps someone can help me with this pre-order… as a Lifetime member, is there any need for me to get any tier other than the Base Edition? I’ve got 4000+ Turbine points saved up, so can also use that for buying something I won’t get in the Base Edition, like if the exclusive Rohan content from the Legendary Edition is available in the Turbine Store. I’m just wondering if there is something in the Heroic or Legendary editions that I can’t get elsewhere.


    • With the Base Edition, you should get access to the quest pack and the instances. You’ll be missing out on the extra Turbine Points, cosmetics, Outrider’s Token, Crystal of Remembrance, sixth inventory bag and the exclusive Rohan content. I imagine most of that, if not all, will be available through the store at some point. It’s just that exclusive Rohan content that I’m not sure will be in the store.


      • Thanks for the reply. I guess I’ll take my chances with the exclusive Rohan content showing up in the store. It’s not worth $30 to me right now, and I can’t imagine they wouldn’t make it available at some point. I know I saw somewhere that the 6th inventory bag will be available in the Turbine store, for 995 points IIRC (just can’t remember where I saw that now). Might as well have something worthwhile to spend my points on 🙂


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