A message from a frantic rancher [contest]

Update: The contest is now closed though you’re still welcome to try and solve the puzzle.

I’ve just received word that a shipment of horses bound for Hengstacer Farm was intercepted by an unknown assailant. The rancher who contacted me sounded spooked out of his mind. “What would happen to all those poor horses!?” he exclaimed, however, I had an inkling that he was more concerned about his job.

Either way, the rancher offered a hefty reward for recovering the horses. Luckily for us, the horse-napper left a trail of clues to follow, though I have a feeling that we may not like where this may end up.

Listen to the rancher’s frantic message here.

Note: This contest is only open until Thursday, May 31, at noon EST, (as that’s how long the mount code is valid) so get to work.

Note 2: I’ll be posting updates on Twitter as the contest progresses. Feel free to discuss the clues in the comments below, though only one can win.

Note 3: Please excuse my terribad voice acting.


4 thoughts on “A message from a frantic rancher [contest]

  1. Hm, I’m not seeing any vowels in that … and consonants aren’t making any words for me – maybe I’m not thinking laterally enough 😀

    And it’s not Letter no 39, or if it is it’s cryptic.

    I shall keep thinking 🙂


  2. Hey, I know this puzzle is nearly three years old, but I’m still dying to know what was the fate of the horses (and the answer).


    • Sadly, because of the way Youtube handles keywords nowadays, this puzzle isn’t solvable anymore, but I’ve got some more codes to give away from last year’s Extra Life, so maybe I can revive this thing. Or just write up the solution. I haven’t decided which.

      Long story short, the horses didn’t make it. Remember that meat scandal a few years back?


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