Sauron can wait – I’ve got fireworks to launch!

Update 6.1 launched on Monday and with it came a large variety of changes. But I haven’t the time to delve into all those just yet; there’s a celebration afoot! On April 24, LOTRO turns five years old, a huge milestone for any MMO. To celebrate, they’ve revamped last year’s anniversary festivities and added several new events in which fireworks take the main stage (without a fire marshal in sight).

Returning this year is the beer brawl. It’s no longer the epic grind that it was last time. Barter rates have been dropped (3 tokens for a map that cost 20 tokens last year) and you can choose to do either the basic, intermediate or expert mode. Basic requires you to bump 8 people and you’re allowed to go out of bounds; intermediate adds the requirement of staying in bounds; and expert requires you to grab the glorious beer in addition.

New this year are the fireworks shows at the Methel-stage in The Shire and in the northern area of Bree-town. In The Shire, you and your compadres have to set off as many fireworks as you can to appease the crowd. You’ll also find a familiar face who sends you on a whirlwind tour of some important sights in Eriador.

In Bree, you must listen to the Fireworks Announcer and fire off the correct rocket. You’ll also find a few Hobbits who ask that you find good places to shoot fireworks to drum up support for the shows. If you participated in the Treasure Hunt event and remember the berry-gathering quest, then you’ll get a sense of how irritating of a quest those Hobbits send you on.

Also new is a short series of quests in which some friendly people ask you to deliver gifts for them. And then there’s the opportunity to join the civil service and help out the postman. A strong gust of wind blew several envelopes all around Bree and you’ve been charged to gather them up and return the contents. Besides the invitations you’re looking for, there are a few random prizes like the /toast emote and a +68% speed steed inside the envelopes. The catch is that you need an honorary postman’s badge (they take their profession seriously!) and you can only get one from a quest each day. However, more badges are available in the LOTRO store for 100 TP a pop, for those of us without a strong sense of will.

And even Monster Players get to share in the fun. Thrak, the Spoils-bearer, offers gift boxes, much like the Free Peoples have Keepers of Gifts. Inside is a possibility for some new skins. Likewise, there are new scholar crafting recipes for fireworks found in the gift boxes for the Free Peoples.

If you want more in-depth information on the celebration, there’s a great deal of information on LOTRO-wiki that’s growing by the day.

Unrelated to the celebration, there’s a new decoration item available from the Limlight Gorge Rewards Vendor and I’ve added it to my Housing decorations from Stangard article.


2 thoughts on “Sauron can wait – I’ve got fireworks to launch!

  1. I am an utter fiend for maps. My house is decorated, wall slots held exclusively by maps. Currently I have all of the Moria maps in the main part, and a map of each elven zone in the little room off to the side. I went completely nuts last year, and I have all but the four maps due with the spring festival. Due to leftover medallions (resulting from the lotteries that resulted from the backlash after the beer fight fiasco) two toons now have the firework steed, and I don’t know where to spend the rest of my tokens. But I digress.

    That darned invitation quest! Turbine taps acutely into the part of my brain that loves to open things. Giftboxes. Lootboxes. The Treasure Hunt. Now these envelopes. I am just so thoroughly and completely charmed by the nature of envelope hunting, too, those ones that flit about Bree, and the ones that you find pinned to an arrow target, or lying innocuously on a chair, or tucked under a drunk guy. And I love that moment. That glorious second where you wonder if it’ll be a mount or an emote and then it’s an invitation, but that’s okay, you’ve still got three more tries, and 5 more alts besides that.

    And that map table is wonderful! Maps are kind of my thing, as mentioned above. I didn’t have a real hankering to grind LL rep, but now I just might.


  2. I know exactly what you mean. I’m sort of like that with maps in real life, though I’m glad it hasn’t hit the obsessive stage yet. I’m just realizing this now, but that map table has maps of the Gap of Rohan and Isengard just like all the other map tables in Stangard pre-Update 6.1. But now they updated all those tables to have Stangard maps, just not this decoration one. Weird.

    I really like those envelopes as well. I can look past the fact that it’s a daily quest because I enjoy running around and looking at where they’ve all ended up. And the ones getting tossed about in the wind really add some atmosphere to Bree!


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