(Non-)Repeatable quests of the Great River

The two reputation factions in the Great River region bestow their coveted rewards in exchange for Golden and Silver Tokens of the Anduin. As you progress through the quests there, you’ll surely pick up loads and loads of Silver tokens; it’s the Golden ones that are difficult to come by. Once you complete all the quests, you’re left with repeatable quests to obtain Golden tokens.

For my own reference (and yours), here’s a list of all the quests, repeatable and non-repeatable, that award a Golden Token of the Anduin. I also listed the two repeatable quests that award Silver Tokens in case I need some of those. If I missed some quests, please let me know and I’ll update the list. It’ll take some time, but someday I’ll have my very own Wayward Easterling Steed and Mender’s Focus jewellery set.

A quick tip: If you’re going for reputation with Heroes of Limlight Gorge, consider picking up a Reputation Acceleration Tome available from the Curiosities skirmish vendor or the LOTRO Store. It’ll double the amount of reputation you receive from quests up to a certain point. Also, don’t forget that Roots of Fangorn, the six-person instance in the region, awards reputation as well.

Repeatable quests that award a Golden Token (unless otherwise noted)

Brown Lands

A Sunset Storm — Repeatable
Lights in the Land — Repeatable

Limlight Gorge

Huorn Seeds
Keeping Them at Bay (5 Silver Tokens)


Constables and Robbers — Repeatable
Queen of Queens — Repeatable

Wailing Hills

Convenient Resources — Repeatable (3 Silver Tokens)
Finding the Remedy — Repeatable (4 Silver Tokens)

Non-repeatable quests that award a Golden Token (unless otherwise noted)

Brown Lands

A Beautiful Weapon
Lights in the Land


Evidence of Foulplay

Limlight Gorge

A Tangled Mess (2 Golden Tokens)
A Venomous Culprit
Fallen Stones and Forgotten Tales
Poor Prospects: Sampling the Pain (2 Golden Tokens)
Poor Prospects: The Belly of the Beast
Poor Prospects: Wandering Menace
The Roots of Fangorn (2 Golden Tokens)

Parth Celebrant

A Symbol of Dread
The Battle of Ost Celebrant
The Point of It All


Answering the Summons
Constables and Robbers: Bounty
Show No Fear: Bounty
Warn the Horse-lords



Wailing Hills

Finding Meneldor
The Defiler


One thought on “(Non-)Repeatable quests of the Great River

  1. great post
    if you want fast reputation, daily task limit reset is a better deal than the reputation acceleration tome. cuz it’s 900 rep per task and 5 tasks would give 4500 for 100Tp. the rep acceleration is 225 (?) tp for 5000 rep.


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