Taking the horse and buggy transportation

A new bug seems to have crept into the game with Update 6. Many people have been complaining about stable-masters giving them faulty horses – the horse fails to clear the stable and gets stuck or it breaks down in the middle of travel and forces you to manually travel the rest of the way. While no official comment from a Turbine official, I found this plausible explanation:

This is a server issue. Usually what happens that you hit an invisible server boundary, the receiving subserver is unable to accept your character. You are held in the queue awaiting for the transporter operator to beam you across.

While this may be somebody speculating, it’s a good enough reason for me. This would explain the horses going on strike mid-journey, and I suspect horses getting stuck behind fences at the stable-master can be chalked up to poor construction and horse AI. We’ll see if the patch expected to drop next week fixes any of these problems.

And finally, here’s a small diagram mapping out the normal stable routes between settlements in the Great River. While all the settlements are connected to each other by swift routes, this is a good reference for those of us who prefer to travel the old-fashioned way. Though I find it a little strange that the only swift travel connections out of the region lead to Bree, Caras Galadhon and the Twenty-first Hall.


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