Extreme Makeover – Gloomglens Edition

The Gloomglens in Enedwaith have always been an enjoyable area for me. The quests are plentiful and simple and the inhabitants are savage and kooky. Despite all the excitement that comes with collecting (and preserving) boar droppings, the terrain of deep, jagged valleys juxtaposed with steep plateaus makes this area somewhat difficult to traverse. So I perked up when I saw this line in the Bullroarer patch notes for Update 6:

The Gloomglens now has fewer cliffs and more traversable terrain.

I wanted to see how dramatically the Gloomglens will be changing for Update 6 so I hopped onto Bullroarer and made some comparison shots of a few locations versus what’s currently live (pre-Update 6).

It seems that the changes were more subtle than I was expecting but they were still very much welcome. Generally, there were more gentle slopes with better access to the upper level where there previously was none. More apparent were the texture changes: they swapped out the old, striated rock textures with darker, more craggy-looking textures which makes the landscape feel more ancient.

The obligatory Bullroarer disclaimer: Everything you see or hear on Bullroarer is a figment of your imagination. Things can and most likely will change so don’t get your hopes up until you see it on the live servers.

Also, here are some screenshots illustrating this:

Additional Deco and Lighting work in Brenin’s Council Hall

The Brenin’s seat added for Update 6 is rather impressive; I would be quite pleased if it becomes a housing item in the future.


One thought on “Extreme Makeover – Gloomglens Edition

  1. This is great news to me. I seriously disliked this area due to the jarring colors of the rock. It was unique, but I also hated it with a unique passion.


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