Adventures in avoiding the low-level solo blues — finding the group content

Not related to the recent rash of Update 6 news, screenshots and videos, I’m sharing a tiny bit of research I did for a leveling group I put together. I’ve been running this group for a couple weeks now and we found that while most of the regular quests are enjoyable and immersive, they’re just too darn easy for a group to tackle. What follows is a list of the areas where there are a good number of fellowship and small fellowship quests that will be perfect for taking a leveling group.

Ideally, we’ll try to hit each of these at about four or five levels below the quest level to give ourselves some difficulty. Some of these we might skip, such as Goblin-town, and others, like Angmar, may take a bit of time to complete and give us a real challenge. There are some gaps in there that we’ll have to figure out how to hurdle over, but the beauty of already having a group is being able to run full-size skirmishes!

After level 50, it’s mostly instance play and the landscape quests are generally solo. The group-sized quests in Moria are a sort of hybrid in which you get lots of quests to then complete inside instances. Of course, that’s not to say we’ll only do instances and save quests for our own time; I’m sure we’ll still enjoy riding around and killing everything in sight until we get tired.

But I digress, here is the list of areas with predominantly group-sized quests:
(information from LOTRO-wiki: Quest Levels and Regional Quests)

The Barrow-downs (18-21)

Agamaur and Garth Agarwen (30-35)

North Downs
Dol Dinen (32-35)
Fornost (33-35 outside; 36-42 inside)

North Trollshaws (38-42)
Giant Valley (40-45)

Misty Mountains
Goblin-town (48-50)

Aughaire (43-45)
Tyrn Lhuig (43-45)
Gabilshathûr (46-48)
Myrkworth (47-50)
Himbar, Barad Gúlaran, Urugarth, Carn Dûm, Rift (49-50)


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