Frosty Beverage super jumps

If there’s one festival consumable that’s useful as something other than a frilly social item, it’s the Frosty Beverage. This festival item is only available during the Yuletide Festival, and when imbibed, will knock the drinker a short distance in the air. Those shady bartenders must put some explosives in these drinks, something I don’t recommend doing in real life.

So the drink boosts you a few feet in the air – what use is that? Well, here’s where the real utility kicks in: as you partake of the Frosty Beverage, you drink for a few seconds, then your head starts to bob as you fight an uncontrollable sneeze. After three head bobs, you sneeze and fly up in the air. If you time it just right, you can jump at the same time as the sneeze and get boosted a lot higher than a normal drink. I’ve reached easily three times my character’s height by this technique alone. See it in action below.

If you enjoy exploring places in LOTRO off the beaten path, then you can definitely see the usefulness of this trick. It is well worth drinking 300 Frosty Beverages in order to get the permanent skill. Just be careful as you might end up stuck in places not meant for the general public to traverse; don’t forget your milestone skills or the /stuck command.

After Bree-town Parkour rekindled my inner Spider-Man, I was always looking up at the roofs in Winter-home, looking for a way to get up there. Using the Frosty Beverage super jump, I sprung to the top of one building and from there, I was free run from roof to roof like Santa Claus. Watch the video above closely and you can see how I got up there. I also rediscovered my love for people-watching, which you can see in the video below.

And now it’s up to you to find cool, new places that were previously inaccessible using tools from the rooftop climber’s toolkit, including the Frosty Beverage jump.


2 thoughts on “Frosty Beverage super jumps

  1. Ahh! This is so lovely, I can’t wait until next year! Wonderful idea, I love doing just this sort of thing. In a game that’s been around as long as lotro, it’s delightful to find that there are still things which can be new.


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