Eight things you might not have known about Update 5

There are plenty of documented changes to LOTRO with Update 5: Armies of Isengard, but there are many that aren’t listed in the release notes. Here are just a few that I’ve found so far:

1. Reputation items are now consumed on use rather than turned in at NPCs. If you have a stack of 100, it will take a long time to click it that many times. Instead, place the stack of items on a quickslot and use a keyboard shortcut.

2. Reputation acceleration scrolls are available at skirmish camps from Curiosities vendors.

3. Items you need to use for quests show up as clickable quest icons in the quest tracker. For example, see the Creep quest, Poisoning the Hoardale.

4. Resource nodes in the Ettenmoors have been ugraded to tier 7 with Scholar nodes added to various ruins and keeps.

5. Some of the loot from mobs in the Ettenmoors has been updated to level 75 and some even drop task items.

6. Minstrels now have access to a new instrument – the pibgorn! See it in action here.

7. There are two new mounts from The Tower of Orthanc raid – The Steed of Many Colours and The Isengard War-steed.

8. The LOTRO store has been updated with new items including housing decorations, more storage slots and Steel-bound Lootbox Keys which according to Turbine, can be used to open lootboxes found throughout Middle-earth for “a chance at uncovering exclusive rewards, like the Marrow Painted Steed.”

And, of course,  this surely isn’t it. There’s probably plenty more the developers have added to this update for us to discover. Feel free to share anything new you’ve found. Leave a comment here or send a message via Twitter to @lotrostrategery.


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