LOTRO news roundup – Update 5 release date and more

It’s been a news-filled week for LOTRO. Turbine shared with us two Developer Diaries, a release date for Update 5, and a date for the beginning of the Yuletide Festival to name a few. Here’s a quick recap:

  • Release date for Update 5: Armies of Isengard – December 12
    The servers will be down from 6-10 A.M. EST (-5 GMT) on Monday, December 12, to launch Update 5. With this update, expect to find:

    1. Five new instances – three 3-person, one 6-person, and one 12-person raid (the pack will be 1495 Turbine Points for those who did not pre-purchase the expansion) – see LOTRO Strategery’s instance overview here.
    2. The Instance Finder tool
    3. A revision to the reputation items system
    4. Barter currency consolidation (creepside as well)
    5. LUA script manager
    6. A continuation of the Epic Story
    7. Many more fixes, updates and hidden goodies
  • Developer Diaries
    • Instance Finder – “Ransroth” explores the Instance Finder, everything from how it works to how it was developed. Additionally, you can read my recommendations about using the Instance Finder here.
    • Reputation Items – “Avon” discusses the changes coming to the reputation item system. In short, they’re now consumable; no more running around to different towns to turn in your reputation items.
    • Currency Consolidation – “Zombie Columbus” explains how skirmish barter currencies will change for Update 5.
  • Start of the Yuletide Festival 2011 – December 20
    Venture into Frostbluff beginning December 20 from any of the stable masters at Bree, Celondim, Michel Delving or Thorin’s Gate. If you have some time, read a guide or two from last year’s event so you know what to expect this year.
  • LOTRO Store Winter Specials
    Each day in December, certain items will be discounted for that day only. Check http://www.lotro.com/lotrostoresale for the daily sales. You can find the regular weekly sales there as well.
  • Battle in the Ettenmoors – December 8-11
    “This weekend, LOTRO Game Masters will be entering the Ettenmoors on Creep side to help fight for Sauron! Monster players will be able to battle alongside them to help sway the tide of battle while the Free Peoples will be challenged to take on these powerful foes. GMs will be appearing randomly across all servers from Thursday through Sunday.”

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