Instance guide: Haudh Valandil

Haudh Valandil is a scalable level 40 to 75, six-person, classic instance in Annúminas. Players must have access to the Evendim quest pack to enter. The instance has a challenge quest at level 75.

Instance overview
The instance is generally divided into five sections:

  1. Lighting the beacons on the lower level
  2. The Kergrim leader Shingrinder
  3. The Burning Limrafn gauntlet
  4. Fiery Morelendil Guards and Arnorian Wights
  5. Dolvaethor and Valandil of Arnor

Group composition
A standard fellowship consisting of a tank, healer and four others is appropriate for this instance. An off-tank is very useful for the final fight.

Players should have potions that can cure disease effects from Kergrim and Wights and potions to cure fear effects from Spirits. Tactical Mitigation, especially against Fire and Shadow damage, is very useful, and Westernesse damage is essential for the fight with Valandil of Arnor. Bring a few +5 hope tokens for the boss fight.

Upon entering the instance, each player is assigned an optional quest for an additional Annúminas Mark. There is also a challenge quest for level 75 players if the instance is run at level 75.

Because there are so many Limrafn, Kergrim and Spirits, the instance is useful for completing many Evendim slayer deeds.

Part one – Lighting the beacons on the lower level
The lower level is patrolled by Kergrim and Limrafn. The Flashing Limrafn roaming the lower floor must be dealt with from range, otherwise, they will summon either three elite Spectral Warriors or one elite master Spectral Champion. Some Kergrim will occasionally run off and aggro other Kergrim; use crowd control to prevent them from doing so.

To proceed to the upper level, players must first light beacons in four of six rooms guarded by Kergrim, Limrafn and Arnonian Knights. Of the six rooms, two are randomly blocked off and can be bypassed. The beacons at the beginning of the instance and near the stairs to the upper level show which beacons in the rooms need to be lit.

Each room contains an Arnorian Knight plus:

  1. Sam Himrohir: 2 elite Cave-claws (Ancient Fell-talons)
  2. Sam Celairod: 2 elite Kergrim (Crypt-stalker and Crypt-invoker) and 3 normal Cave-claws (Crypt Diggers)
  3. Sam Dolthor: 2 elite Cave-claws (Ancient Fell-talons)
  4. Sam Mallemeldis: 3 swarm Limrafn (Flashing Limrafn which respawn throughout the fight)
  5. Sam Alagúr: 6 normal Cave-claws (Fell-talons which burrow to regenerate)
  6. Sam Merellach: 2 Elite Cave-claws (Ancient Fell-talons)

These encounters will reset if players pull the Arnorian Knight out of the room. After all six beacons are lit, the stairs to the upper level in the southern part of the instance will open. Be careful as there are Flashing Limrafn on the stairs which will spawn adds if they come into melee range.

Part two – Shingrinder
The fight with Shingrinder and his three normal Cave-claw adds takes place on a high bridge, and unless players position themself against a wall or column, he will knock them off the bridge, taking them out of the fight and sometimes incapacitating them. The fight will reset if he reaches the doorway leading to the stairs down. Interrupt Shingrinder’s healing inductions and watch out for diseases effects which will summon Cave-claw adds if not cured.

Once Shingrinder is dead, Dolvaethor begins summoning Burning Limrafn from the other side of the bridge and will continue to do so until players approach him.


Part three – Burning Limrafn gauntlet
Approach Dolvaethor to stop his summoning of Burning Limrafn, then loot Shingrinder’s chest. As players head into the next section, Dolvaethor begins to summon Burning Limrafn again which reflect 100% of damage done to them in the form of Fire damage so focus healing on DPS players. AoE attacks are not recommended here. The first six waves consist of one Burning Limrafn each, but the next six have two each and the time between each wave gets shorter. After defeating all twelve waves, loot the chest and proceed up the next set of stairs.

Part four – Fiery Morelendil Guards and Wights
Before proceeding up the stairs, there is a group of three elite Arnorian Wights and a group of two Fiery Morelendil Guards standing further back. While standing in this section and before completing this stage, additional elite Arnorian Wights will spawn from the left and the right; when they fall more will spawn and aggro. Approach the first group of three Wights to aggro them and the additional Wights, then fall back to the previous platform where you fought the Burning Limrafn.

When those Wights fall, approach the bottom of the stairs enough to aggro the Fiery Morelendil Guards but not the additional Wights on the sides and fall back again. These Wraiths have knock back attacks and also have a “Terrible Retribution” buff on them which will reflect 25% of Common, Westernesse, Ancient Dwarf-make or Fire damage done to them so healing will need to be spread out among the fellowship. As with all wraiths, Hunters and Wardens should use Light Oils to avoid the reflected damage. When the guards start to falter in Morale, they may apply a “Cleansing Fire” buff to heal themselves; use an interrupt skill to remove it. Defeat the two guards, head up the stairs and dispatch the rest of the Wights, then loot the chest before facing the final bosses.


Part five – Dolvaethor and Valandil of Arnor
At the top of the stairs, awaits Dolvaethor with his corrupted wight Valandil. The dread is +6 here, so use a hope token. Valandil is susceptible to only Westernesse damage; all other damage is reduced by 90%. Because he is a wight, he also uses disease effects. Dolvaethor’s attacks are primarily fire based; watch out for areas of flame on the ground and stuns. Use a tank and off-tank to separate the two bosses while focusing damage on one target.

Challenge quest
In order to complete the challenge quest at level 75, you must defeat Dolvaethor and Valandil of Arnor within 10 seconds of each other. Have someone watching their Morale levels and calling out which boss to attack as you bring their Morale down at the same rate.

Valandil of Arnor

In addition to four chests bearing Skirmish Marks, completing the challenge quest at level 75 awards a further 3 Superior Fourth Marks.

The information in this guide is accurate as of Update 4, Rise of Isengard.


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