Introducing Strategery Instance Challenges

There comes a point in every character’s life when he starts to realize, “This instance is way too easy!” Then it’s time to start pushing yourself (and your fellowship). Why not make it more difficult for yourself if only for the pure pride and bragging rights of being able to say something like, “Yeah! We defeated The Gurvand with only three players!” or maybe, “We took down Dale Truitt with our bare hands…literally!”

So today, I’m introducing Strategery Instance Challenges (SICs), or ways of testing your meddle when the odds are stacked menacingly high against you. These go beyond just soloing an instance 15 levels below you to include such challenges as mentioned above and far beyond. But I’m not the most creative person, so I need all of your help to come up with some interesting challenges as tests to separate the best from the very best. Leave a comment here, a message on twitter or anywhere else you can contact me with your suggestion.

To start off, let’s go with some easy ones:

  1. Defeat The Gurvand in the Dark Delvings using three players of any level or less.
  2. Defeat Dale Truitt in Stoneheight on Tier II with only autoattacks.

If you can prove to everyone else (video or it didn’t happen) that you and your fellows completed it, and you may just earn the admiration of LOTRO players every where.


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