Update 5 Steeds and Mount Emotes [img]

With the new raid, The Tower of Orthanc, coming with Update 5, comes two new mounts: the Prized Isengard War-steed earned through the meta-deed and the Steed of Many Colours earned with raid barter currency. I can only imagine how spectacular they’ll look and the feelings of relief and pride when you finally earn them. They both seem to have the slightly faster, +68% speed, and 250 morale, but of course, this was on the Bullroarer test server so all of this information is subject to change.

Speaking of steeds, Turbine introduced new mount emotes to the LOTRO Store with Isengard, and if you wondered what /mountbow, /mountkick, or /mountrearup looks like before sinking your hard-earned Turbine Points into them, here are a few graphics demonstrating the emotes on both horses and goats.




A special thanks goes to Rannion of Gilrain for helping with the /mountrearup emote.


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