Instance guide: The Forgotten Treasury

Here it is – the very first instance guide from LOTRO Strategery! Read on to discover what makes the Forgotten Treasury so unique and challenging. There’s even an audio recording of the guide at the bottom for the lazier among us. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

Instance overview
The Forgotten Treasury is a level 54, six-person instance in the Silvertine Lodes of Moria. Players must have access to the Moria quest pack to enter.

The instance takes place in an old dwarven treasury, recently discovered by the Orcs of Mazog and consists of three sections. The first part involves defeating six bosses that guard the wheels to unlock the inner treasury chamber. Within the chamber awaits Morhûn among piles of dwarf treasure. When players try to leave with the loot, two trolls enter the main chamber and assault the fellowship.

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Group composition
A standard fellowship consisting of a tank, a healer and four others is appropriate for this instance. An off-tank is also very useful for the final fight.

Players should have potions that can cure level 56 wound and fear effects. Tactical Mitigation, especially against Acid and Shadow damage, is useful against bosses. The orcs in this instance are vulnerable to light damage.

There are several quests to pick up for this instance at the Deep Descent in the Silvertine Lodes, but in order to accept them, players must first finish “A Relic of Ages Past” and “Know Thine Enemy”. Several deeds are also available and will appear as players work through the instance.

The basic layout of The Forgotten Treasury

Part one – The Outer Chamber
The inner treasury of the treasury is locked by a mechanism consisting of six wheels that activate large dwarf statues spread equally throughout the main chamber. The wheels must be turned in the correct order to unlock the inner chamber. To determine the sequence, pay close attention as the fellowship starts the instance and approaches the middle of the main chamber: the dwarf statues begin to turn around one by one to lock the inner chamber; the reverse of this is the correct sequence. It is recommended that at least one person observes this process and writes down the sequence before engaging any enemies. The order is different every time the instance is run.

In the main chamber, there are four patrols of Orcs and spirits as well as six Orc-wraith bosses, one guarding each wheel that unlocks the inner chamber. The Orc-wraiths have two different states, each lasting 30 seconds before switching to the other: one gives them 90% mitigation against tactical attacks and the other gives them 90% mitigation against melee and ranged. Pay close attention to the Orc-wraith buffs or your group may end up wasting a lot of power.

The Orc-wraiths will also apply the debuffs “Fear’s Mark” or “Pain’s Mark” to players when they switch states. These debuffs can turn into more severe versions but can be cured with wound or fear potions.

Each Orc-wraith is also guarding a chest with either a Yellow or Purple Gem Shard that can forcibly change these buffs. Yellow Gem Shards will change the buff to 90% mitigation against tactical attacks, making him vulnerable to melee and ranged attacks while a Purple Gem Shard will do the opposite.

An Orc-wraith in (left) ethereal (mitigation against melee and ranged) and (right) corporeal (mitigation against tactical) states

Once the main chamber is cleared of all enemies, turn the wheels in the correct sequence, as observed at the beginning, to open the inner chamber.

Part two – Morhûn
Inside the chamber, awaits Morhûn, who utilizes the same two-state buff as the six Orc-wraiths. Use the gem shards acquired in the main chamber to change his buffs to benefit the party. A mixed fellowship of both tactical and physical damagers may not need to use any gem shards. Morhûn also makes use of “Fear’s Mark” and “Pain’s Mark” though he casts it on the entire fellowship rather than a single target.

Part three – Skûm and Urauth
Upon leaving the inner chamber and approaching the stairs in the main chamber, the fellowship will be ambushed by two trolls, Skûm and Urauth. Everyone should exit the inner treasury at the same time otherwise they will be locked inside.

The trolls will share each others’ damage, and if they are near each other, they will receive a buff and gain access to a powerful attack that will take a huge chunk out of anyone’s morale. It is recommended that two players aggro the trolls and keep them separated during the fight with the rest of the party focusing their damage on a single target.

Although this instance does not award Moria Medallions, it contains four loot chests – three at Morhûn and one after defeating the trolls – which contain relics, heritage runes, armour and jewelry, all of which are useful in preparing for higher-level Moria instances.

Just one possible reward from The Forgotten Treasury

The information in this guide is accurate as of Update 4, Rise of Isengard.

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  1. Great idea for a blog! I enjoy grouping but definitely prefer to come prepared with info for runs that I’m less familiar with. I will be following with interest and will a link to you over at my blog.



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