This is LOTRO Strategery.

Welcome to LOTRO Strategery, a blog devoted to instances, raids and skirmishes in The Lord of the Rings Online MMORPG and anything related thereabouts. You can expect to see full-length guides, quick hints, interesting tidbits, long-winded musings and all-around informatory reposits about those love-to-hate private dungeons (no, not those kinds of dungeons, silly boy).

The meat of this blog are the strategy guides and for every guide, I also plan to upload a short audio file explaining the basic mechanics of the instance so you can jump to the site and quickly acquaint yourself with the instance you’re preparing for while your fellowship looks for that eternally sought-after healer and/or tank. And while there’s much I’d like to do with this site, there’s much time and expertise I lack, so I’m always on the lookout for anyone that wants to donate graphics, put together videos, make music, create an audio logo or contribute as a guest writer. I think the site, and any site for that matter, would benefit tremendously if it were a community effort rather than one person’s inane shouting into the cavernous depths of Moria.

Speaking of which, while I consider myself considerably knowledgeable about the game, I wholeheartedly welcome almost any differing viewpoint or factual correction you may have to offer. There’s no sense in running around spouting half-truths like a village idiot. I’d rather be the cute paper boy shouting, “EXTRA! EXTRA!” — handing out the news to keep you going on your travels while brazonly flirting with all the women that pass by.

So follow along this journey to enrich the body of knowledge on LOTRO instances, raids and skirmishes, and taste the success of putting together a group of fellow warriors to conquer the forces of evil.


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