Introducing the Pibgorn [video]

This is a bit off topic, but it’s cool nonetheless. Update 5 will introduce, along with new instances, a new instrument to LOTRO — the Pibgorn!

According to Wikipedia, the pibgorn is a “Welsh species of idioglot reed aerophone”. Using my primitive musical knowledge, clarinets, oboes and other woodwinds, as well as harmonicas and accordions, use reeds and air to make sounds. I could be wrong, but I think idioglot means it’s operated with the mouth. Species must mean its alive (maybe not), and Welsh means it has a peculiar accent. And boy, does it sound peculiar! To me, it sounds part synth, part violin, part stepping on cats; I should get my ears checked.

(Keep in mind that this was captured from the Bullroarer test server, so everything is subject to change before release.)

Some minor details after the jump –

The “Simple Pibgorn” I was using came from the Bard NPC and requires Lute Use and level 20 and has a base -6% healing power cost, however, there’s also a “Basic Pibgorn” for sale with a minimum level of 65 and requires Pibgorn Use. Something tells me that the Simple Pibgorn I was using will change with the release of Update 5.

The minstrel I created started at level 1 with Pibgorn Use. No word yet on how players other than Minstrels will learn the instrument or if Minstrels will get a Mentor : Pibgorn skill.

See this post on the LOTRO forums for all the instrument recipes and outputs coming for Tier 7 Woodworking.


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